Smokers Blends


Smoking blends have recently exploded onto the US scene in late 2008, but were originally created in Europe in 2004. Since then they have became very popular and have also had a bunch of media time. The most popular names in smoking blends are "Spice" and "K2", so a lot of companies have branded their products as being "Spice" and "K2" but they are simply imitators.

Now the brand "Spice" is illegal due to the chemicals that it contained, so if you hear the word "Spice" it is more then likely relating to smoking blends in general. There have been multiple stories about Smoking Blends, both true and false, so we wanted to clear up the confusion. For starters Smoking Blends are not and should not be considered to be in the same class as cannabis. The only similarity they have is the resulting effects after you ingest them.

Our Blends

Our herbal blends are a legal, and natural, combination that work together in providing you with a relaxing and stress relieving mind state. They do not impair your vision or reactions like alcohol and other drugs. They are not addicting like tobacco nor do they contain the harmful chemical nicotine. If you are trying to quit smoking cigarette or cigars turning to all natural smoking blends may be your answer. We have had multiple customers successfully quit their habits by using our products.

All of our products are different in multiple ways. Each one has its own unique smell both before and after being burned. Each one results in a different effet after use, although they are all somewhat similar. Some blends are more powerful then others, and some are smoother to smoke then others.

Brief History of Smoking Blends

Although todays smoking blends were created in the early 2000's, the smoking of herbs has been going on for centuries by many religious and spiritual ancient cultures.The reason for their use has been the same, however. They have always been used as a way to escape reality and alter your mind state,leaving you happy and enlightened.

Are They Safe?

Smoking anything in general can be harmful to your health. Other then that there have been no studies done in recent years that have found anything harmful as the result of using smoking blends. We do not recommend using any of our products and then driving or operating machinery. The best use environment would be in the comforts of your home, where you are albe to fully enjoy your experience.