Smokers Blends

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the best smoking blend?

Answer: Since each blend has a different effect, it is hard to say that one is "best". We have multiple blends that are highly recommended and desired by our loyal customers. One of which is Buzz, another would be our Afghan Hash. My best advice would be to explore before you settle on one smoking blend.

Question:How fast will I get my order?

Answer:Depending on what type of shipping you chose, most orders inside the USA are shipped within 2-5 business days, and are shipped same day.

Question:What are the effects of Smoking Blends?

Answer:Our smoking blends result in a relaxing, euphoric state, that leaves you feeling stress free and giggly. Some of our blends also include sight distortion and a somewhat psychedelic effect. You should check into each blend until you are comfortably knowledgeable about it and its effects.

Question:Will I pass a drug test?

Answer:Yes, all of our products are free of any illegal chemicals or substances as outlined by the law of the United States and many other countries worldwide.

Question:Are smoking blends healthy?

Answer:Smoking anything, weather its natural and legal, can cause harm to your body. Our products are not near is harmful for you as cigarettes and cigars that contain tobacco, nicotine, and tar. They are also not addicting like cigarettes.

Question:What if I am not satisfied with my order?

Answer:We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you ship your order back in 30 days, either open or unopened, in its original package we will give you a check for the entire purchase price.

Question:Do you ship outside of the USA?

Answer:Yes, we ship internationally, with the exceptions of countries where our products are not legal.

Question:How can I pay for my order?

Answer:We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Discover, & Amex.

Question:How do I track my order?

Answer:We will provide you with a USPS tracking code that you can use on the USPS website to track your order.

Question:Are your smoking blends legal everywhere?

Answer:Salvia is legal to purchase almost everywhere in the world. It is legal in the USA except for the following states: Delaware, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Virginia. There are also other countries that do not allow Salvia including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, South Korea, and Sweden. We do not, and will not, ship to any states or countries that have banned any of our products.